Due Thursday, May 10
1.) Click on the homepage and read the list of countries our classes agreed belonged in Latin America. Click on the discussion board on that page. Respond to the question do you agree to the list of Latin American countries? Should we add or delete any?

2.) Click on the homepage and then on the discussion board there. Respond to the question what makes a country Latin American?

Due Monday, May 14

3.) Evaluate a page assigned to you. Go to that page's discussion board and create a message. Tell the group what you think of their research, if you think it's missing something, suggestions of resources you've used in the past or think would be helpful, ideas you think would be fun to add to the page or their lesson plans. Please be constructively critical and always find something to compliment.

Due, Friday, June 1

4.) Use the rubric on the expectations page to evaluate the page you were assigned. Each person in your group should send a grade on the discussion board of your assigned topic. Be sure to break it down by each numerical grade, not just the total. Finally, write comments on your overall thoughts of the page and the research they chose to include.