May 2nd: Getting to know the Project
  • Presenting to a "global" audience
  • Create wiki space account- usage tips from Mrs. Hokanson
  • Assign group members and topics
  • "Net-iquette" - Click on the discussion tab of the HOME PAGE and add your ideas on the code of ethics due on the discussion board (in writing if internet unavailable) May 3rd
  • Identify chapters and sections in the Global Mosaic based on your topic. People who do not have books can make copies.

May 3rd & 4th Read & Begin Research
  • Read and identify the essential questions, the answers, and the objectives students need to know about your topic: Textbook notes, essential questions/answers due May 4th
  • Divide the question into the time needed to "teach" each
  • Begin research using library sites

May 7th - 9th Continue Research & Web Design
  • Further research the topic creating an MLA works cited with at least one book from the library, one UM library subscribed reference or database, and one credible website. – Additional source questions/answers and MLA format due May 9th each person is responsible for one of these with notes and proper MLA format. Complete typed Works Cited is due with the presentation.

May 10th-15th Lesson Design & Presentation
  • Create activities to teach lessons. Worksheets can be created, readings acquired, homework assigned, movies created, and technology used. Specific, completed lesson plans following the lesson sample format due May 14th. You could teach more than one plan to cover the essential questions and objectives, but must stay within the time limit. If you feel you have too much material to cover, consider assigning homework the night before. Finally, discuss who does what in each lesson, wrap up details and assignments.

Week of May 14th Presentations Begin:
Ms Skatz will evaluate your "teaching." Your wikispace will be evaluated by a peer group. This group will NOT be in class during your presentation, therefore your wiki grade will tell how valid your information is--how well the other students can learn about your topic without being in class. Failure to participate in other lessons can lead to a loss in points from your lessons.
Please note--although your group may present the 1st week, your wikispace will not be evaluated until May 31st. You may add information that you think is necessary even after your presentation is completed.